Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Hello loves, Happy New Year!
I wish you all the best for this year!

My first review of the year consists of the lipsticks launched last year by the Italian beauty Youtuber Clio - these lipsticks were sold out at the same day they were launched, and thankfully last December she opened a temporary store here in Milan - and also launching her new product, the mascara called "Dark Love" - that gave the opportunity to other people to try her products.


La collezione di rossetti cremosi CreamyLove è composta da 7 rossetti, cremosi, facilissimi da stendere, semi-opachi, con una gamma colori portabile, ma anche originale, è possibile vedere anche il trucco più neutro con un solo colpo di colore!

CreamyLove's collection is composed of 7 shades of creamy lipsticks, easy to apply, semi-matte, with a wearable color range, but original, you can also see the most neutral makeup with a single stroke of color!

The packaging is simple, yet it's elegant at the same time with delicate colors of white and peach, it is also cute and has the logo of gelato. The packaging of these lipsticks was designed by her husband.
Clio has revealed that the inspiration for her stick lipsticks was the creaminess of a gelato. She wanted a lipstick which formula was able to adhere perfectly to the lips without any compromises!

At the bottom of the box, you can see the name of the shades of the lipsticks, and these names are really nice.

Here are the ingredients of the lipsticks (click on the photo to enlarge it).

At this side of the box, she states from which she got her inspiration in making these lipsticks.

The lipsticks come in a bullet tube, with the gelato logo and a metallic-gold-rose cap.

Each bullet tube contains 4,5 ml of the product and each costs €12,50.
They have a PAO of 12 months.
So I'll be reviewing "Baciami Stupido", "Rosa Indiano" and "The Winner Is".

These lipsticks have creamy and at the same time semi-matte texture.
They really last long (except when you eat as they require a retouch on the lips) and don't dry the lips.
They have a delicate coconut and vanilla scent (and I was really surprised to smell the scent of coconut from a lipstick and it's the very first time that happens to me). The scent is not bothering at all as after a couple of minutes it fades away.
They don't have any weird taste.
I really like the pointed tip as it makes the application easier and more precise.

"Baciami Stupido" is of dark fuchsia shade with raspberry-color reflexes. I like this shade because it sums up perfectly the "berry" shade making it elegant and perfect for any occasion. the color depends on the pH of the lips, for me, it's more like a cherry red shade.

"Rosa Indiano" is of intense fuchsia shade. Clio dedicated this towards those who have Mediterranean skin tone - I think it suits also for other skin tones because it brightens the skin complexion and this one is always great for a simple and everyday look.

"The Winner Is" is a bold red shade with warm undertone - that absolute classic red shade. And it's absolutely my favorite as it brightens a lot my skin complexion.

And at her temporary store they give a Christmas card with a message handwritten by herself.


Every penny spent on these lipsticks are worth it!
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Disclosure statement.
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