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Mask sheets are becoming an indispensable for skin care regimes nowadays because it takes only a couple of minutes to boost your skin.
And I have to admit that I am an avid mask sheet user - I almost use one every day.
Today, I'm gonna review another mask sheet that is kindly provided by Skin18 through their "Skin18 Challenge 1-10s Reviews Program".
I am going to do a review of two types of mask sheet from the brand Foodaholic.
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Product Description

Olive Natural Essence Mask contains the extract of olive which soothes, moisturizes and protects the stimulated skin from the external environment and keeps the skin moist and elastic.


Product Description

Grain Natural Essence Mask contains grain extract that supplies nutrition to your skin and prevents roughness and dryness on the skin to make it glow. The optimum skin condition is maintained by natural ingredient extract to create elasticity for your skin and moisturize at the same time.



Both mask sheets come in a sachet of 23 g of product. At the back of each sachet, you can find the details of the product and how to use it - both in Korean and English; and its ingredients.

My Experience

Both masks were hydrating and refreshing - I let each one stay on my face for around 45 minutes and after that my skin was smoother than before, visibly brighter and my skin was really refreshed.
Both masks were a little bit uncomfortable for their size, especially on the eye area because of its thin size, and they were a little bit hard to apply on the forehead and on the chin, so I had to tear them.
Both of them have a nice and delicate scent and both have enough essence because the masks were soaked very well and they were still wet even after almost an hour has passed.
Below is how the mask looks like.

Purchase? Recommendations?

I don't know if I will purchase another type of this brand's line because I wasn't content with the mask's size, however, the masks were really good.
These masks are recommendable with the exception of the mask size - it's better to tear some parts of the mask so that you can distribute it around your face.


Have you heard about this brand before and/or tried a product from it?

Disclosure statement.
The product that is reviewed in this blog post was provided by SKIN18. No money was given nor accepted for this review. This review is my personal opinion and experience of the product provided.

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