Thursday, August 10, 2017


Agendas are basically essential for us no matter what kind of job or personal activities we do - and I still prefer the paperback ones! Why? Because you can doodle or stick anything on it!

I always have been a die-hard fan towards stationery products, especially when they are really cute - and sometimes, it's hard to contain yourself not to buy any - anybody does have this obsession?
I have been eyeing the agendas from Mr Wonderful for a while now, though I am still obsessed with my Molang agenda. Since the agenda I am using is small, and I have to write many things (I am avoiding the explosion of my small agenda since I have already stick so many sticky notes on it), I decided to buy the new 2017-2018 agenda from this brand. 

I like the sturdy cover and the color combination of this daily agenda (they have a weekly one too, but I recommend to buy the daily one if you have so many things to write).

And this is how it looks inside.

This is the first page, where you can write your name and your contact details.

The next four pages contains timetables (this is very useful for students because you can manage your timetables for every semester).

After the timetables, a calendar is printed on it and the page next to it contains a quote, this one states "Start every day as if it's the best one in your life".

Turning the pages, you can see the cute designs for each month, some contains games like crosswords, fan facts, wishlists, etc.

And this is how it looks like for each daily pages, you have enough space to write everything (two days are in a page for weekends).

Then going through the pages, you have an extra section where you can find a page dedicated for important notes, things to do, stickers, bookmarks, and sticky notes.

This agenda costs €22,95 and it's quite heavy though - but if you're a planner addict, nothing is heavy for agendas! 


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