Tuesday, August 15, 2017


We all want a clean and smooth skin after a long tiring day. And today I am going to review Rivecowe Bubble Mask Pack, which was kindly provided by Jolse, through their recruiting page.
Bubble masks are very popular in Korea, and it's also getting famous in Western countries, as you can see, so many people on Instagram are sharing them. To be honest, I've never tried one before, therefore I tried to apply for the recruitment on Jolse.

The product claims that it cleanses deeply and moisturizes the skin.
The packaging has bubbly colors - pink and mint. And has bubble printed on it - this makes it really cute.

At the back of the sachet, you can find the product's description, instructions on how to use in Korean and the ingredients. You will also find the expiration date of it.


Once you open the sachet, the mask begins to oxidize.

One of the things I like regarding this mask is that it has a nice and delicate floral scent.

To test the effectiveness of the product, first of all, I washed my face with a normal facial soap, and on my left cheek I put some lipstick on.

Upon applying it on my face, I notice that the oxidation is really fast.

The first two photos above show the oxidation of the product just after applying it on face, while the other two below, shows the oxidation after 5 minutes after applying the product.

While the bubbles were getting thicker on the surface of the mask, you can feel some fizzy and tightening feeling.
The only thing that I didn't like is that as time goes by and the bubbles are getting thicker, it's quite bothersome when you breathe, because you might inhale some of the bubbles.
So, I took off the mask exactly after 5 minutes and some of the foam that had been produced stays on the surface of the skin.

Well, the lipstick was still on there without being smudged.
So, then, I used the remaining foam to cleanse my face and remove the lipstick.
As you can see, there are some traces of the lipstick even after washing it, while on my right cheek, my skin felt smoother and brighter.


I give 4/5 because I think it's better to wash off your make up first before applying the mask and it will do its job to purify the skin. I prefer using this product before going to bed as it refreshes so much the skin and it makes really smooth.

Have you ever tried bubble masks before? How's your experience with them?

Disclosure statement.
The product that is reviewed on this blog post was provided by JOLSE. No money was given nor accepted for this review. This review is my personal opinion and experience of the product provided.

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