Wednesday, July 19, 2017


I hope you're all doing great, though I know that in some places of the world the hot weather is unbearable (like here in Milan). Without further ado, I am going to share to you the new Surprise Kawaii Bag from Blippo.
I was contacted by Mika of Kawaii Box team a while ago to make a review for their "Fukubukuro Lucky Bags" - basically, a Fukubukuro is a Japanese New Year custom in which they make grab bags filled with unknown random contents - though New Year is over, who doesn't love surprises?

Everything were packed inside this cute bag, which is a very useful one because you can use this for whatever! I basically use it as a bag for all the necessaries when I travel.

Talking about traveling, having a cute name tag would change the mood, right? And this one will make your luggage tag unique, especially with those macarons printed on it.

This crêpe strap is really lovely, with all the details on it. I really want to attach it on my phone, unfortunately the new versions of smartphones don't have anymore that part where you could attach decorations on your phone.
However, you can still use this as a keychain!

Who doesn't want these super kawaii coin purses? The Pikachu one is so soft, and the one with the emoji can contain a lot of coins!

This mermaid-inspired bracelet fits perfectly the summer vibes!

This travel-sized bottle fits perfectly the needs of someone who would like to bring their favorite mist when they travel!

Who doesn't want a card holder with a lama designed on it? This one is really one of my favorites because I changed my plain-old transportation card with it, and surprisingly, it can contain even two cards!

This pouch is so soft, and perfect for cosmetic products, not only for stationery products!

Since most smartphones don't have that part anymore where you can attach straps, this jewelry stickers will really add some style of your phone!

This plushie is sturdy and at the same time so soft, that is very addicting when you always grab it as you can use it as a stress reliever!

This chocolate-bar beauty tool is very handy, especially when you travel a lot and when you have small space on your bag!

This Oreo-themed keychain is really smooth and squishy like a marshmallow!

The inner child in me was brought out thanks to these Hello Kitty themed glasses, and this one is awesome because it doesn't have any lenses!

Talking about the hot weather, having a cute and portable hand fan is fantastic to refresh you!

And last, but not the least, this fruit-themed hairclips are so adorable!

Now, the most exciting part is one of you will have an opportunity to try and grab all these items on their hands because Blippo team is hosting a giveaway for you guys!
Just follow the instructions on the giveaway gadget!

Good luck!
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Disclosure statement.
The products that are reviewed on this blog post were provided by BLIPPO. No money was given nor accepted for this review. This review is my personal opinion and experience of the products provided.