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Hello, I'm back after having a good rest! 
It's been a while since my last post regarding my roadtrips!
Today, I'll be showing you the awesome waterfalls called Cascate dell'Acqua Fraggia, located in the town of Piuro, in the province of Sondrio, just around 2 hours journey from Milan. Actually, the town of Piuro doesn't exist anymore - which was famous in many parts of Europe for its magnificent stone pots made of local pietra ollàre, but which was engulfed by a huge landslide in the 16th century, precisely on the 4th of September 1618, along with more than a thousand inhabitants. The name continues to linger on though, and Piuro today is an awesome part of the valley of Bergaglia comprising Prosto, Borgonuovo and Sant Croce.

This is the panoramic view along the highway after you have pass the lakefront of the Lario Lake in the province of Lecco.

I suggest to go there early in the morning so that you'll see this awesome sunrise and feel the morning breeze!

And going there early in the morning, before 7 am gives you the full view of the waterfalls - as if it's in your courtyard, because the place gets crowded after 9 am.
The waterfalls known as Acquafraggia, situated in Piuro, Valchiavenna have, as their source, the pizzo Lago or Lake at the Peak located at a height of 3050 metres.
Pizzo Lago was created within a broad hanging basin formed by an ancient glacial circle and the torrent descends 1800 metres over five kilometres incorporating a number of cliffs and therefore "falls". It is from this that the latin-based name has its origin (aqua fracta, hence acqua spezzata or water split by waterfalls). The final long "drop" creates the double waterfall, much-admired from the valley below, adjacent to the community of Borgonuovo di Piuro, where the torrent feeds into the River Mera.

I was dressed like that because when I went there it was really hot in Milan, and knowing that in the mountains you get tanned easily, I had to protect my skin because being under the sun for so long brings rashes on my skin.
However, it was a big mistake for me because I didn't bring the right shoes. Unfortunately I didn't inform myself that you can actually hike the area where the waterfalls are situated - but since I really love hiking, I still wanted to hike it, but I couldn't continue to arrive to the source of the waterfalls, which is pizzo Lago.

This is the top of the waterfalls that you can see from below of it.

The view of the hiking trail.

The view of the town of Borgonuovo from the halfway of the hiking trail.

The waterfalls close-up.

Panoramic view of the valley.

Hanging bridge in the middle of the waterfalls.

This is the maximum part of the waterfalls where I was able to arrive, after 1 hour and a half of hiking.

The place is really breathtaking, indescribable, and other words that I can't describe. The best part is you can swim through the streams of the waterfalls down the valley - and it's superb!

Do you like hiking of visiting the mountains?

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