Saturday, April 1, 2017


On today's post is about Etude House Heating Eye Mask.
Actually they are the very first heating eye mask I have ever tried! 

Other than simply not getting enough sleep, the feeling of tired eyes can be the result of many different activities that require intense use of the eye muscles for long periods.
Heating eye masks are made to relax and soothe tired eyes.


Smartphone, computer, doing homework overnight...your tired eyes need rest! Heating Eye Mask provides comfortable rest to your dry, tired eyes with its cushiony texture and warm feel.


The heating eye mask's packaging is quite simple with Etude House's mascot Etti printed on it.

I bought these heating eye masks from Cosmetic Love, they cost $10,32 for 5 pieces, so each one costs around $2,06.
I ordered them on February 05 and I received them on March 16 (it's better late than receiving first a letter from the customs)!


At the back of the sachet, you can find the product's description and also the instructions on how to use it both in Korean and English.
The ingredients are written in Korean though.

1. Open the product and take out the heating eye mask.
2. Slowly tear along the cut line in the middle on the back side of the patch.
3. Place the white surface without the character print on skin around the eyes and hang onto the ears to wear.
4. Close your eyes and take a rest while enjoying the warm sensation that lasts for 20 minutes.

Once you open the sachet, you have to use the mask immediately as it will start to heat itself.
Actually, I sleep with it - it's because when you're really that tired and also suffer from insomnia, once you use it, it helps you to fall asleep easily as it relaxes you.
It has a mild mint-wheat scent, and it's bearable.
The heat is just right that it won't burn you, so it's really safe if you fall asleep while wearing it! 
So, how does the heating mask look like?
Well, it looks like the typical sleeping eyes mask!

The one in the middle is the cut line which you have to tear to wear the mask.

The white surface that you'll use to attach to your ears is quite flexible and resistant, so don't worry as it won't tear up easily unless you pull it with force.

When the mask is already worn out the next morning when you wake up, the cushions will also start to harden up and they're not bothersome to the eyes because they're not that heavy!

Here, the cushion is more visible!

This mask is quite big for me in terms of height, but in terms of width, the size is right.
Here's how it looks like on me.


I am really satisfied with this heating mask as it really helps me to fall asleep easily and it really relaxes my eyes, as I usually use them especially when I have and intense use of the computer.
I recommend this heating eye mask to anybody who would like to use something that could relax them, but be careful if you're too sensitive to heat.


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Disclosure statement.
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