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It's been like centuries have passed since my last review of a beauty product.
Today I am going to share my experience with Kiehl's Creme de Corps.


Superb All-Over Body Moisturizer of Superb Quality for extremely dry, or flaking skin. Enriched with the finest ingredients known to Kiehl’s, for a rich, elegant skin texture. Continued use for 10 days will provide a skin texture heretofore unattainable.

I have read so many positive reviews about this product before so I tried it myself because my hands are literally ruined during winter - especially by the rigid temperature in Milan! Yes, in Milan the temperature is rigid during winter caused by the humidity. And my hands suffer a lot, and people always ask me either what happened to my hands or what hand cream I use. The answer is - I haven't found yet the right cream to hydrate my dry and flaking skin.
Since I am satisfied with the brand's other products that I have been using, I really wanted to try at least on my hands, not with full hopes that my hands will be very soft or hydrated.
I bought the one with the capacity of 250 ml, since I want to try it too as a moisturizer not only for my hands but all over my body - it costs € 29,50 here in Italy.

The packaging is a simple plastic bottle with a cap, and thankfully the bottle's rim is sealed. Then there's the typical label attached to the bottle that contains the Ingredients and the Directions on how to apply it.

The cream's main ingredients are:
Ī²-Carotene - a naturally derived antioxidant, used in Vitamin A production and gives an orange tint when used in skin care products.
Sesame oil - has the same emollient properties as other nut and vegetable oils and is commonly used as a carrier oil for skin care products. Absorbs easily and softens the skin.
Cocoa butter - it is solid at room temperature but melts at body temperature. It softens and lubricates skin and is used in a variety of skin care formulations.
And these ingredients give the yellowish color of the cream.

The cream doesn't have a strong scent, but it smells like a mix of honey and talc.
The cream's texture is thick but it is applied to the skin with ease, not like other thick creams that I have tried that it was like brushing your skin to apply them. It is not greasy but you have to allow a couple of minutes to be completely absorbed by the skin before wearing your clothes.
I usually use it before bedtime because it's the maximum for me as I don't wake up during bedtime and wash my hands image
And my impression was wow! The first time I applied it, my hands seemed to be softer though it is still flaking...and after only 3 days of consecutive application - I have noticed the difference! My hands are more hydrated and the flaking is minimized!


Yeah, definitely as it has become my HG for treating my dry hands!
I recommend it to anyone, but if you are not sure about it you can ask a sample of this product from any boutique of Kiehl's.


Thank you for visiting my blog. Until my next blogpost!

Disclosure statement.
The product that is reviewed on this blog post was bought by me. No money was given nor accepted for this review. This review is my personal opinion and experience of the product.

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