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Hello to all of you!
It's good to be back and start blogging again as I had a hiatus...I have been so much absorbed to my work and especially in travelling.
So, to start again I am doing this review about Kawaii Box's October Box and I hope you enjoy it as I am because Kawaii Box has given me the opportunity to do a collaboration with them once again and with a giveaway! Yay, isn't it great for this Christmas season?
So let's see what was inside!

Pikachu Coin Purse

Let your coins travel in kawaii style! This soft coin purse is in the shape of the cuddly and popular Pikachu!

This coin purse is so cute! I know I am old enough for such things but this one is really awesome because the zipper is not that long so you can keep your money safe because of its small opening (not too small). And if you don't want to use it as a coin purse you can use it as a pouch for a small mirror and other beauty products.
And this coin purse is really can even consider it as a plushie and use it as a decoration.

Kabaya Karipori Candy Sticks

The box has six small packages inside and each package includes two candy sticks. Half of them are cola flavored and half of them are grape soda flavored. These tasty and a bit fizzy candies come in a funny box which has cute pictures on it.

I have already reviewed this candy some time ago and it was also from Japan Candy Box, a monthly subscription box, brought to you by Blippo Kawaii Shop with a huge selection of Japanese candies and snacks. Please refert to this blogpost for a review of it.

Moomin Lovely Text Card & Envelope

Cheer up your friends and family with this lovely text card and envelope with Mooming design. The card comes with an envelope.

I really find the card's illustration funny and cute at the same time, because at first sight I assumed the message was "partner's in crime" just by looking at the illustration, but it was written another phrase. This card is really cool to give to other people and write a little note of encouragement on it!

Disney Potepote Bean Bag Plushie

This soft Potepote bean plushie is really soft and perfect for hugs and snuggles! This bean plushie have a ball chain on top of them, so you can attach it to anything.

This keychain is really big! I actually like it because it helps me find easily my keys inside my bag - if you have a big bag and have a lot of things inside and there are times that the keys makes you do a sort of treasure hunting!
This one is also perfect to use as a stress reliever because of its softness.

Mini Square Animal Spray Bottle

This cute little animal is everyone's best travel friends! This spray bottle has a cute animal decoration on it and a bright pastel colored cap.

This is really essential when you travel a lot - you also need some cuteness for your travel-size containers, right?

Korean Kawaii DIY Cross Stitch Keychain Set

Make a cute and unique keychain to yourself or to your friend as a kawaii gift!

Honestly I don't know how to cross stitch and this kit is perfect to learn it! I am still trying to figure out though how to start!
However, I am really happy for the design of the pattern I received.

Kawaii Pastel Animal Mechanical Pencil

This cute mechanical pencil looks like a normal pencil! Press the pastel colored eraser on the top of the pen to reveal more lead!

I like this mechanical pencil as its grip is so comfortable! And with that cute lion design on it!

Squishy Oreo Keychain

This Squishy Oreo keychain looks just like the yummy cookie and even smells like it! Be careful not to taste it accidentally!

Oh, really - this Oreo key chain looks and smells exactly as the real one! I like using this one as a key chain for my pencilcase.

Yummy Fast Food Puffy Stickers

These adorable puffy fast food stickers are both colorful and delicious looking! The sheet includes several tasty fast food illustrations, like hamburgers, hot dogs, pizzas and other yummy meals!

I love these 3D stickers - I like using them for my planner to add some reminder or just to stick them on to make the planner look cuter!

Pastel Flower Pattern Envelope Set

Write sweet letters to your friends and slip it into Japanese Sakura Envelopes. You will be definitely cheering up their day!

I like the flower patterns - they add some touch to the envelope! I do snailmail and patterned envelopes here in Italy are rare to find so what I almost do is draw on envelopes, but these ones are so pretty not to use!

Cute Snacks Eraser

Correct your mistakes with these cute snack erasers with funny faces!

This eraser is too cute to consume!
Besides being cute, it erases well and doesn't leave any dark smudges on paper.

Marukawa Colour Change Bubble Gum

Marukawa has a long tradition of making very tasty and special chewing gums which are very famous in Japan! This package features a trickster ghost with a dyed tongue... The chewing gum actually dyes your tongue to red or to black when chewing the gum! Perfect bubble gum to play tricks on friends! The bubble gum itself has a sweet and fresh ramune soda flavor.

These bubble gums are both yummy! So I was really curious to try if they really dye the tongue - and they really do!

Overall I'm really satisfied with the October Box edition that I received because everything was awesome.

If you're a lover of any kawaii things, or would love to try, I really recommend you to subscribe - each box includes 10-12 products. And they have 4 types of subscription plans that you can choose from!

Now here's your chance - a giveaway sponsored by Kawaii Box! One randomly selected person will be chosen to have one of these kawaii boxes! The more entries you fill out, the more chances you have to win. Good luck to all of you!

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Disclosure statement.
This subscription box that has been reviewed and the giveaway has been sponsored by Kawaii Box. No money was given nor accepted for this review and giveaway. This review is my personal opinion and experience of the product supplied.

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