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Hello to all of you bunnies! I am back...after a long period of hiatus...and as my blog reopens, with many thanks to the collaboration of Japan Candy Box, I am giving away the March subscription box! Yay! I am really thankful to Japan Candy Box for giving me the opportunity to review and share to you about the Japanese candies / snacks of their March subscription edition.
Japan Candy Box, if you don't still know or heard about it, is a monthly subscription box, brought to you by Blippo Kawaii Shop with a huge selection of Japanese candies and snacks.

First and foremost, I apologize if you don't see any picture of how the box looks's because I received it after more than a month and the left edge of the box was flaten, maybe during the time that it was deposited at the customs office, but thankfully none of the candies / snacks was destroyed.
So, let's see the snacks and candies individually.


The box has six small packages inside and each package includes two candy sticks. Half of them are cola flavored and half of them are grape soda flavored. These tasty and a bit fizzy candies come in a funny box which has cute pictures on it.

I am not a big fan of cola-flavoured candies, but these ones are good...though I prefer a lot the grape soda-flavored one. The packaging is a sturdy box, and the candies are wrapped in a sort of story telling plastic wrappers; you can learn Japanese through it. Each wrapper contains two candy stick. As for me, the grape one is fizzier and sweeter than the cola one.


Fujiya character Peko-chan and Hello Kitty are best friends! Just like this box full of chocolates, they are cute & sweet inside out! These 15 pieces of chocolates are half milk chocolate and half pastel pink strawberry chocolate, and they have all your favorite Sanrio characters in them: My Melody, Hello Kitty, Little Twin cute! The treats come in a special limited edition design collaboration package. This box of sweet treats is perfect as a gift or to enjoy on a kawaii tea party!

When I removed the plastic bag that contains the chocolates, inside the packaging you can see some Sanrio and Peko characters...the packaging is really cute!!!

I love the chocolates (though too cute to be eaten), and my friend whom I shared with loves them too...the chocolate flavor is not that sweet, it's a little bit bitter like a dark chocolate, and has a perfect combination of the strawberry flavor of it!


Kracie DIY sets are a fun and interesting way to make your own sweets! This is a Do-It-Yourself set for creating your own multi-colored soda-flavored sea world full of gummy animals! Mix the materials to create your own color combinations! Each set comes with different molds such as a penguin, dolphin, a shark and other cuties! When you have created the animals, you can place them on the plastic piece of under the sea world for a great photo! The package includes all the necessary ingredients, tools and instructions - just add water and creativity! This set is great fun for children and adults alike.

At the back of the packaging, you can see the instructions on how to make the gummy candies, even if you don't know Japanese, the illustrations help a lot...and this is what awesome with Japanese snacks and candies because they have the illustrations and can be understood without knowing the language!

The kit consisted of four powder sachets: the blue one is soda flavor, the red one is grape flavor, the yellow one is citrus flavor, the silver one is flavorless for me, but I don't really know its flavor. Then we have the mold base, the stirrer, the dropper, and the under the sea photo.

I tried to mix the flavors, just like in a Chemistry class, the taste was awesome...but the gummy candy I made was too soft since I didn't put enough you need to put a lot to make good quality gummy candies!!
The figures I got were a starfish, a fish, a dolphin, a whale fin and an eel.


These lovely bite sized rice crackers taste like a real pizza on a delicate biscuit! Bourbon is very famous in Japan for the huge variety of different snacks and cookies. These crackers are a perfect reason to take a little pizza break. Share these mini snacks with your friends or family!

Who doesn't like pizza? These are rice crackers, but when I tasted them, they gave me the feeling as if I was really eating a Pizza Margherita! Even the smell of it!!! They're great for breaks and really crunchy and not greasy!!! Their shape are like the shape of banana chips, so they're really small - but you have 24 pieces of them!


Calbee is famous for their special, unique and exciting potato snacks! A small pack full of delicious snack made of Sapporo potatoes and seven different vegetables! This snack is light and doesn't include any oil. The small package is easy to take with you or share with your friends and it's perfect for almost any kind of events. Whether there is a movie night, picnic or party, this snack is perfect for the snackpot!

Who likes potato chips? Me!!! This one is awesome, especially when you're on diet and avoiding greasy and salty snacks!!! The taste is still wonderful, even without being salty!!! And the smell is awesome doesn't leave any trace on your fingers!!!


Mushroom biscuits are one of the Meiji's most famous treats, and have been sold in Japan for over 20 years. This set of little Meiji biscuits will take you on a tour in the magical forest! Outside their crunchy biscuit heart there is a layer of sweet chocolate - milk and strawberry chocolate! Yummy! These sweeties come in packets, so they are perfect to take with you as a small snack-pack or to share with your friends!

Strawberry flavored snacks are always fantastic, maybe because of the scent of strawberries...and these biscuits are no exception. Cute and delicious!!! What I received were attached to each other since the chocolate started to melt for its long trip, but the taste was still perfect!


These grape candies are so juicy that the sweet flavors will burst in your mouth! They are colored as sweet grapes, so it feels like nibbling on a bunch of grapes. But be careful – you start with one, and before you notice they are all gone. They are so sweet!

It's really true that once you start with one of these candies, you won't stop until you finish them!!! And the scent is awesome, it has a sweet and sour taste though, not that sweet at all, and it's great for me, because the sour taste of it makes you feel as if the candy is bursting inside your mouth.


Yummy and chewy! This rope shaped candy has two layers, one tastes like cola and the the other like soda! Together these two wonderful flavors become one super tasty and flavorful candy rope!

This candy is like a toffee...chewy and soft, and in addition a sweet and sour flavor! It's good but I am not a big fan of cola flavor candies, as I mentioned earlier...but the smell of it is wonderful!!!


Hi-Chew candies have been Japan's best-selling chewy sweets for the last 30 years. Try Hi-Chew, and you'll instantly see why they're so famous. They are much more juicy and fruity than most sweets, and made from real cola to treat your taste buds. First they feel and taste like bubble gum but when you continue chewing they become softer and more. Like eating rainbows!

At first I thought that they were like the classic chewing gums that when you chew too much the flavor fades away, but these are different, the flavor really lasts long...and the taste is awesome!!! The texture is soft too, and so good to chew that it feels like it melts inside your mouth.


These delicious gummy fruits are so soft and extremely juicy! They are made from 100% pure fruit juice with no artificial colors or flavors! Eating these candies is almost like eating real fruits, so full of flavour these are!

They really taste like white grapes...not like other gummies with artificial flavors. They are soft and not like other gummies that are too sweet that you can't even manage to finish in a row - with its less sweetness, I was able to finish it in an instance.

Overall I'm really satisfied with the March Box edition that I received because everything was awesome and I got the chance to taste Japanese snacks and candies that I've never tried before.

If you're a lover of any Japanese snacks or candies, or would love to try, I really recommend you to subscribe - each box includes 8-10 products. And they have 4 types of subscription plans that you can choose from!

Now here's your chance - a giveaway sponsored by Japan Candy Box! One randomly selected person will be chosen to have one of these kawaii boxes! The more entries you fill out, the more chances you have to win. Good luck to all of you!

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