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Hello to all of you! I was hoping to publish my review last week but I've been sick and tired. So now, that I feel better I'm gonna share to you my review about the products that I received from Kawaii Box, I was really thankful to them for giving me the opportunity to try and share my experience of their products to you.
Kawaii Box, if you don't still know or heard about it, is a monthly subscription box, brought to you by Blippo Kawaii Shop with a huge selection of Japanese and Korean kawaii products.
image Warning, cuteness overloaded, and a chance for you to win your own Kawaii Box!

I received from them the September 2015 Edition. And as soon as I went to the post office to pick the parcel, I was awfully excited to open it - I couldn't open there though. So I went back immediately at home. image

I was really glad that I received the parcel after 2 weeks, since in Italy parcels from Asia arrive after a month.

Even the box itself is so cute...

As soon as I opened the box I found this cute card with Kawaii Box's logo and at the back of it are written the items of the September edition.
Here's an image summary of the items that I received. We'll check them individually further on.

The item that captured my eyes the most are the Alpaca Pouch and Neck Stretching Bunny Pen, it's because I'm a sucker (literally) of Japanese stationery items. 

So let's take a closer look to them one by one.

The first one are the Kabaya Fish Gummies, young or old, everybody would love to have a taste of these gummies. The gummies have three different shapes and flavours. They actually show and teach how the fish grows up from the egg to the adult! The smallest one (the egg stage) is of a white color and it tasted like between peach and apple for me (well, since I have colds, I don't really know the exact taste, so I shared some to my friends to ask them what they tasted and they told me that it's an apple). Then the larva stage has a peach color and it tasted like mandarin, while the adult stage has a yellow color and the taste is of lemon.

Then we have Kawaii Foods Sticker Set. The stickers are really colorful and puffy. And there was this cardboard together with them written in Chinese, and I think it shows how to cook these foods and a cut out dice, I'm not sure exactly since I don't know how to read Chinese characters.

Then there's Moomin Mini Pouch. The pouch has a ball chain so you can attach it to your bag, phone or anywhere you want! As soon as I saw it I already considered it as a coin purse, cute isn't it?

Next there are the Fragrance Beans, I really like these beans because of their sweet raspberry fragrance. image
They reminded me some similar beans that I had in my grade school years that when you wrap them with cotton pads, they multiply - I don't know if the same happens with them.

Next is the Cute Animal Greeting Card, there is space inside the card and it comes with a little piece of paper to write on. This card is really adorable, the receiver of this card will certainly like it!

Next is the Neck Stretching Bunny Pen. This pen really made me scream かわいい (kawaii). It is of black gel ink and has a fine point. The design is really fantastic!

Next is the Kawaii Toast Squishy Charm, which I nicknamed "Anti Stress Toast", it really is squishy and soft. The charm includes a removable phone strap, so you can attach it to hang anywhere you want!

Next is the Korean DIY Bracelet Kit, you are never too old to make a DIY bracelet of yours! This set of cute beads come in different shapes and lovely pastel colors!

I made a simple one for myself! image

Next is the Alpaca Pouch. The pouch has cute print of alpacas with a quote on it. The size really suits for makeup, pencils or other small items - I use it as a first aid pouch (for me the first aid items are bandages and sanitary pads).

Then there's the Cute Egg Mini Plush, you can use this plushie as a key chain! It's so soft that I considered this plushie too as an Anti Stress Plushie, not only because of it's softness but also because of the adorable expression that it shows.

And last, but not the least, we have the Caplico Mini Ice Cream Candy, the one that I received is of Strawberry and Chocolate flavour. It is shaped like an ice cream, filled with delicious light and bubbly filling and the outer part is also a crispy cone.

Since my excitement went overboard, I din't notice that I pressed on it too much that it broke. image
Still, I was able to taste it and it was really おいしい (oishii).

Overall I'm really satisfied with the September Box edition that I received because everything was kawaii and I got the chance to taste Japanese snacks that I've never tried before.

If you're a lover of any Japanese stuffs, I really recommend you to subscribe - each box includes 10-12 super cute kawaii products. Everything from Japanese candy to stationery and beauty accessories. And they have 4 types of subscription plans that you can choose from!

Source: Kawaii Box

Now here's your chance - a giveaway sponsored by Kawaii Box! One randomly selected person will be chosen to have one of these kawaii boxes! The more entries you fill out, the more chances you have to win. Good luck to all of you! image

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Disclosure statement.
This subscription box that has been reviewed and the giveaway has been sponsored by Kawaii Box. No money was given nor accepted for this review and giveaway. This review is my personal opinion and experience of the product supplied.

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