Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I love drinking teas, whatever their aroma and brew is!  I am surely a tea addicted since I usually drink 2 to 3 cups a day. Drinking tea relaxes me, they are good not only for the intestine but also for the skin and throughout the body, they also seem to give a sense of satiety and well-being.

I usually take a long time to decide what tea-flavor I should buy, but when I saw these teas from Bonomelli my decision making took even longer because there were 5 types of brews in this product line: Pineapple and Peach, Lemon and Sea-buckthorns, Papaya and Orange, Raspberry and Redcurrant, Black Grapes and Strawberry.

I chose these two brews because their smell were captivating and they seemed good for me to try.


Raspberry is known for its beneficial properties against amenorrhea, it helps you lose weight and improve any problems with menstruation.
Redcurrant has excellent anti-inflammatory properties, in particular for the urinary tract. It also has diuretic and cleansing properties for the body.

I usually drink this tea brew in the morning and during my period. The scent is delicate and the taste is sweet and a little bit sour, but you can't taste the sourness anymore after a sip.


Black grapes have slightly laxative and diuretic properties, they facilitate the digestive process, help the body to reduce the level of "bad" cholesterol in the blood and eliminate uric acid thus taking away the gout.
Strawberries help fight the dreaded "free radicals" and slow down the natural aging process of the cells of our body. In addition to this, strawberries have many other properties: they play action against regenerating blood cells, thanks to the properties of folic acid that brings benefits to the memory by acting on the brain through the spinal fluid. They are refreshing, re-mineralizing, and diuretic, they mainly have detoxifying and cleansing properties for the body.

Just by smelling the aroma of this tea brew relaxes me a lot...I usually drink it before going to sleep and it does really help me get a good night sleep.

I forgot the price of these tea brews, but they're not really expensive. After tasting these, I wanna also try the other brews.


Because they really taste good and their aroma is amazing, they are very relaxing too!

Do you have any favorite tea brews?

Disclosure statement.
These products were bought by me. No money was given nor accepted for this review. This review is my personal opinion and experience of the product.

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