Monday, August 25, 2014


Hello to all of you! I'm back after more than a month of hiatus.
I was in vacation and the Internet connection was really poor there, so I decided not to post anything.
So, it has been a while since my last blog post...and today I'm going to review Pupa Milano's I'M Lipsticks.


I’M emphasizes the lips with a new color dimension and a brightness that has never seen before!
Intense and pure, right from the first application it defines the lips with a highly pigmented color, for a flawless result.
The texture is soft, lightweight and fondant, it holds perfectly on the lips for a feather effect and an absolute comfort.
Available in 40 irresistible colors to change your look in just one simple step!

The product's description can also be found on its box.

The product's packaging is a red sturdy box. They have a duration of 24 months after first opening.

There are 40 shades available for this lipstick line, and I have 208 Sunny Coral, 301 Poppy, 302 Sizzling Orange and 402 Candy Pink. The lipsticks' have their number shade on the box and on the lipstick tube, however their names are not written.

The lipsticks come in a silver metallic tube, with the brand's name and the product's line name.
And the brand's name is carved on the lipstick too.

From left to right: 208 Sunny Coral, 301 Poppy, 302 Sizzling Orange and 402 Candy Pink.

When these lipsticks came out in the stores I really wanted to try one of them, but it was really hard to choose which shade to pick and it took me a month to decide and in that time Pupa Milano gave a voucher for their Facebook fans, so I took advantage of it because with the voucher the price is only €5. At that time I bought Poppy, and I was satisfied with the product's texture, so I bought later on the other lipsticks for €12,90 each.
As the brand claims, these lipsticks have intense color and pigmented texture, they are soft and lightweight - however they don't last long because the texture is creamy, usually it lasts on me around 3 hours with lip balm underneath and for 4-5 hours without lipbalm underneath (when I eat or drink) - and it lasts a little bit more when I don't eat or drink. And most of all they don't dry my lips.
These lipsticks don't have any scent, and I really appreciate it.

Here are the swatches of each lipstick, the first image is taken without flash, whilst the other one is taken with flash..

From left to right: 208 Sunny Coral301 Poppy302 Sizzling Orange and 402 Candy Pink.

And here's how they look like when worn - I wore them on with lip balm underneath because at that time my lips were dry, without the lip balm underneath the shades are more vibrant.

208 Sunny Coral is a pinky coral shade, but when you wear it without lip balm underneath the coral shade is more intense.

301 Poppy is an orange shade with coral undertones.

302 Sizzling Orange is an orange shade with red undertones, and has a little bit of matte texture.

402 Candy Pink is a bright pink shade, and without the lip balm underneath the shade is more like fuchsia.

Sizzling Orange and Candy Pink are my favorite because of their intense and bright color and above all they last more compared to the other two shades that I have.

Here are the ingredients of these lipsticks.



I'd like to recommend them to everyone, especially the bold colors.

What do you think of the shades?

Disclosure statement.
The products that are reviewed on this blog post were bought by me. No money was given nor accepted for this review. This review is my personal opinion and experience of the product.

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