Friday, July 18, 2014


Hello to all! Today's post is about OST Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum from Wishtrend.
I wanted to share to you my review about this product a couple of months ago after using it for two weeks, but in the end I decided to delay it and share it after I completely finished the product.


The product's packaging is an orange box with, what I think, the product's description written in Korean.
It contains 30 ml and has a duration of 12 months after first opening.

At the bottom of the box you can find, as I guessed, the manufacturing date and the expiration date, which means this product lasts for a year.

Inside the box, you can find a bottle which contains the product and a pipette which you'll use to get the product to use on your skin - and I found it really hygienic.

Both the bottle and the pipette are sealed - and you'll feel safe because non of the product spilled out while it's on its way to your hands!

At the back of the bottle you can find again the product's description, I guessed, in Korean.

I received this product as a gift from Wishtrend, I really wanted to try it because I have some pimple scars on my chin that don't fade away immediately. I wanted to try it to see if it does what it claims - I was skeptic, as well.
So when I first tried it, I felt an immediate cooling effect and a tingling sensation, which took a little bit of time to passed away. I have sensitive skin, and it was a little bit strong for me, so I decided to use it once a week.
The result on my skin was visible after two months of using it.
During the first two months of application, I encountered some breakouts near the area where I applied the serum - but as time passed by those breakouts vanished.
The scent of this product is not strong, which is a plus for me and you can distinguish very well the scent of citrus. The colour is a very pale orange, but as soon as you apply it on your skin, it's more transparent.

I didn't take a picture of a before and after of my skin, but I'm showing you how it looks like when it's applied on the skin.

What I like the most about this product is the way that it brightens the skin.
Here's an instruction on how to use it and the ingredients of the product from Wishtrend.


I give 4/5 not because it's not a good product but because it's a little bit strong for my sensitive skin.


I won't buy it again, as for now. However, if they make one that is targeted for sensitive skin I would probably get one.
If you don't have sensitive skin and would like to treat your pores and pimple scars, this one is a great product.

Have you already tried this one?
What are your favorite skincare products from Wishtrend?

Disclosure statement.
This product was received as a gift from Wishtrend. No money was given nor accepted for this review. This review is my personal opinion and experience of the product supplied.
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