Saturday, June 7, 2014


Hello to all of you!
Finally, I'm writing my first post in the month of June, I've been mia in the past days since I'm busy with my finals.
However, this post has been in the draft for a couple of weeks now. Without a further ado, I'm sharing you my review of these circle lenses from Pinky Paradise, that I received on their Easter Giveaway.


Origin | South Korea
Diameter | 14.5mm
Base Curve | 8.6mm
Water Content | 38%
Life Span | 1 Year
Prescription | -0.00 ~ -8.00

As usual, you can find the prescriptions' of each lenses on the cap of the vials.

The vials came along with these cute macaron lens case. I was really happy to receive this color because it's my favorite color combination - yellow and green! 

At the back of the vials, you can find when the lenses were manufactured and their expiration date.

I received the circle lens vials and case together with other two beauty goodies that I'll be reviewing too sooner or later. 
They were packed in a bubbled envelope, the vials were wrapped with polyethylene.
None of the vials were damaged, and the shipping was really fast since they were sent through FedEx - I was a little bit worried because if the shipping is really fast, the probability to pay high tax to the customs is high - in the end, I didn't pay anything to the customs.



These circle lens come in a hazel color, with a darker line at the edge.
Their color is very natural and it's great for a daily look, so these pairs are fabulous! 


Their diameter isn't too much, but these lenses really enlarge the eyes.
They are great if you want to obtain dolly eyes, without having an exaggerated enlargement. 

These lenses are very comfortable because they not thick nor too thin.
I was able to wear them all the day long, and I was really surprise because the maximum time that I can stand to wear contact lenses is about 4 hours!

These lenses are superb - they're natural, and most of all wearable for a daily look.


Indoor, natural light.

Outdoor, natural light.

As you can see from the images above, the difference of my eye's diameter and the lens' diameter is noticeable.

All the three images above are taken indoor with natural light.
It's my first time to take a picture of them moving my eyes to the left and right, it's because I've never thought a friend of mine started to visit my blog and thought that my circle lenses' reviews photos were edited...I think that friend of mine never noticed me wearing circle lenses.

And here's how they look like indoors with camera's flash taken with natural light.

Here's how they look like outdoors, with natural light.
The first three pictures are taken without flash while the latter three are taken with flash.

And here's a photo of me wearing them when I went somewhere in the city center.

What do you think of these circle lenses color?
Would you ever try them?

Disclosure statement.
This product was received from a giveaway as a prize from Pinky Paradise. No money was given nor accepted for this review. This review is my personal opinion and experience of the product received.
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