Wednesday, May 21, 2014


I have been suffering from insomnia for a while now and it's been a problem for me because it has caused me dark circles and eye puffiness - and fine lines.
So, I decided to try the eye patches to see if there will be some changes.
I bought the Collagen Eye Patch by Etude House from Twofacemall.


Formulated with collagen to revitalize and improve appearance around the eyes.
Active ingredients: Collagen 1%, Vitamin A & E and Green Tea Extracts.
The description and the direction on how to use it can be found at the back of the sachet, in both Korean and English.

The packaging comes in a simple sachet with a picture of a girl wearing the eye patches.
The sachet contains two patches wrapped in a plastic and immersed in essence.
(The essence in the photo has spilled out because I put the product first in the fridge - then with the room's temperature it began to melt).

I bought the eye patches for $2,79 and I received them after a week - which it's really fast!
When I opened the sachet I was a little bit worried since I thought that there was only a patch, but when I opened the plastic container, I just discovered that the patches are really thin.
The eye patches designed on the sachet are small, but the truth is they're big.
The essence is a little bit sticky, and this makes it easier to attach the patches around the eyes.
It doesn't have any strong scent, but as soon as I applied it, my eyes started to tear.
The direction says that they have to be worn for 15-20 minutes, when I used them I forgot to check the time and they stayed for almost an hour - there were no any consequences though!
The very pleasant thing I like about these patches is that they're very relaxing, as soon as they dry, you can feel that your skin starts to tighten.
After removing the sachet, I observed that my eye contour has been brightened a little bit and the puffiness around my eyes has been reduced a little bit, so I think that these patches has to be use for a long term to obtain the desired effect - I was really content for the result obtained since I only used a pair that time.
Here's how they look like when applied after removing the clear film.

And here's how they look like once they're dried.

Yes, and I would like to see the effect for a long term usage of these patches!
I recommend it to anyone who wants to pamper themselves and wants some brightness around their eye contour, and also for those who wants to reduce their eye puffiness.


You can buy these eye patches on Twofacemall, and use this voucher code to obtain a discount from your purchase: AFvpM7gr.

Have you ever tried eye patches before?
How's their result on you?

Disclosure statement.
This product was bought by me. No money was given nor accepted for this review. This review is my personal opinion and experience of the product.

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