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Happy Friday...time flies really fast - it's almost the end of the month but the weather here is so and so, which caused me a cold.
Without a further ado, I'll be sharing to you my review from Born Pretty Store's Waterproof Eyeliner Colorful Gel Set.
I've already tried eyeliners in gel before, but never tried those which you have to apply with brush!


High quality and long lasting.
Ultra-smooth fluid line's gel can fit your need to create charming eye looks.
Suitable for professional use and home use.

These eyeliners in gel came with a pretty packaging, that looks like glass but it's not (because one of them fell to the ground and I was worried if it was broken but it wasn't because the packaging is a sturdy plastic)!
They were packed in a box with two brushes, one is for the eyeliners and the other one is for the brows.

These eyeliners are available in 4 sets, I chose the set #2 which contains the black and the blue one.
I've always wanted to try a blue eyeliner before, but there was a time that a shop assistant in a makeup store tried a blue eyeshadow on me and it made me look like a drag queen - and that was the beginning that made me dislike blue shades makeup - still, I wanted to try it again!
So let's take a look at each of them.

The eyeliners were sealed when I opened them, and it's good since no dirt could enter if the caps of the container were damaged.
Both eyeliners are scented but they didn't cause me any irritation at all.
Their texture is very creamy and soft.
They remain on their creamy gel texture even after hours have passed, yes, they dry but not to the point to become powdery.
The black one is very pigmented while the blue on is less pigmented.
They have both intense colour.
The black is the classic bold shade, and the blue is a royal blue with the right intensity, and it's very versatile, you can use it at night, at special occasions or even casually when you want to wear a colored eyeliner.
As I have stated earlier, they also came with two brushes.
Both brushes are medium-sized, they are 8,5 cm long - you can bring them anywhere and they are light-weighted, which make them a big help in applying the eyeliners with ease.

The eyebrow brush is fluffy, but not too dense and stiff which I like. The bristles are very soft, the softest I've ever used so far for an eyebrow brush, but I don't know if they're synthetic or not.
The brush has a black, plastic, matte handle and ferrule.
The eyeliner brush has a wooden handle and a black, plastic matte ferrule.
It's also fluffy as the other one, but a little bit more dense and stiff. The bristles are also soft and they're also good to use as a lip brush - I don't also know if they're synthetic or not.


As I have stated earlier, the black one is more pigmented than the blue one - indeed, I only applied a coat for the black one and two coats for the blue one.
The image above is shot without camera's flash, while the image below is shot with camera's flash.
Both images are shot indoor with natural light.

The product claims to be waterproof and smudge-proof, so let's see if it does what it claims.

I rubbed my wrist when it was still wet, I did this to see which of the two is easier to remove.
And it was no surprise that the blue one is easier to remove.
They are smudge-proof, but they start to smudge if you have the habit to rub your eyes like me.
Both of them are long lasting and you really need a good-quality waterproof makeup cleanser because they are difficult to remove.
At the moment, I don't own any waterproof makeup cleanser because they are really strong for me. I was able to remove the blue one after washing my face three times with 30 minutes of interval with a vegan soap and lukewarm water, while with the black one I had to wash my face five times with 30 minutes of interval with a vegan soap and lukewarm water.

On the image above, I tried to cleanse it with a normal cleansing cream after washing my wrist.

Here are some images of them when I applied.
I did a different thing from what I usually do, I applied them both on each of my eyes to do a confrontation, and it looks weird though.

Here's a closer look of the blue one.

And here's a closer look for the black one.

I apologize for the messy application of the eyeliners since I'm not yet good at applying them on the upper lids of my eyes.




Yeah, I really like both eyeliners! And the blue shade is what I really like, not to dark or too bright!
I recommend it to anyone who wants to try either the classic shade, which is black, and a more colorful one - the other shades are purple, brown and green, to use during spring and summer!
And also for those who have never tried eyeliners in gel before because this set is cheap!

If you are interested in this product and you want to try it or you want to try other products from Born Pretty Store, use my coupon code JCH10 to obtain a discount of 10%.

Disclosure statement.
This product was sponsored by Born Pretty Store. No money was given nor accepted for this review. This review is my personal opinion and experience of the product supplied.

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