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My first giveaway ended last week and I want to thank all those who participated, don't worry if you didn't win because I'll host another one soon. I have been absent for a apologies! 

Well today, I'm going to share to you my experience with Etude House False Lashes Secret Long 2호 감쪽같은 긴 눈썹 (lit. Good as long as the eyebrows). There's a saying that there is always a first time for everything..and yes, this is my first time to use false lashes! I have always wanted to try them on since my cousin's debut long time ago, but I was startled to all the things they have told me - and finally I got the guts to try them and I found out that all the things they told me about false lashes were all big fat lies! So let's proceed with my review, shall we?

Etude House Eyelashes
Provides a good, safety and full performance.
The glue adheres to the rim of the lashes easily.
The lashes are easy to remove for re-use.

How to use Etude House Eyelashes
1. Remove the eyelashes from the case and cut the desired length.
2. Be careful not to apply a lot of glue.
3. Wait for 3-5 seconds to allow the glue to dry before applying the lashes to increase the adhesion and press lightly.
4. In order to enrich the eyelashes, apply mascara and eyeliner to fill in the gap.
5. After using the eyelashes, attached them carefully to the case for re-use.

*My translation is not perfect because I'm still in the basic level of the Korean language.*


The eyelashes come in a pink plastic hexagon-shape packaging, together with the glue.
I love these false eyelashes! They were so easy to apply, though I had some difficulties to remove them because of my lack of experience!

I love how the glue comes - it has a sort of spatula that helps not to exaggerate with the application of the glue and it's very hygienic.

This is how the eyelashes look like when worn. I wore only on my right eye to show the difference. They are really long, yet they give a natural look!
What I like the most is that they are really comfortable, they are not heavy to the eyelids (you will never feel that you're wearing false lashes).
I didn't cut them since their length is the same as the rim of my eyelashes. 

*This is how I ended up with Etude House Secret Long eyelashes.*

I bought them from, and if you are interested to the eyelashes of Etude House, don't forget to sign up here and get a $5 voucher for a minimum purchase of $30.

Yes, definitely! I would also like to try the other styles.
And I'll definitely recommend it to a friend! 


Have you ever tried any false eyelashes from Etude House? What style is your favorite?

Disclosure statement.
This product was bought by me. No money was given nor accepted for this review. This review is my personal opinion and experience of the product.

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