Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Hello lovelies~!
Today I wanna share my review about Kiko Make Up Milano Luscious Cream - Creamy Lipstick.

Creamy lipstick with pure, intense colour and exclusive design.
A sublime gliding texture to enhance the full sensuality of your smile with a satin finish and a surprisingly rich and brilliant pigmentation.
Imperceptible and light, Luscious Cream adheres precisely to your lips wrapping them in a fine film with immediate, long lasting and intense coverage.
Enriched with K2 Repulp, multi-function plant extract active ingredient, the Luscious Cream formula keeps your lips beautiful, working on 3 different levels:
- Moisturizing and plumping action: K2 Re pulp stimulates the production Hyaluronic acid, helping to keep the moisture level of the lips ideal increasing their fullness.
- Energizing and revitalizing action: cellular vitality is reactivated giving your lips a strong healthy look.
- Aging prevention: thanks to its active ingredients, production of collagen and Sirtuin 1 (protein of youth) improved cellular longevity is stimulated for younger looking lips.
Special resins, in combination with jellifying substances, give the formula a soft, comfortable texture, and an ultra-blending creaminess that - thanks to the small applicator tip - maintains perfect control during application.
Contained in gorgeous packaging with distinctive lines, created exclusively for KIKO, Luscious Cream offers an ultra-feminine gesture, made even more intriguing by the innovative opening clasp.
Available in 25 brilliant colours, from the most easily worn tones to the "strongest" and most unexpected shades, to give your lips an unmistakable touch of style.

I bought #508 Arancio (Orange), as you can see, it comes in a silver case. To open it, you need to push the upper part of the case and pull out the lower part of the lipstick - it's not like the "traditional" way to open lipsticks.

Push the upper part.

Pull the lower part.

When you use this method of opening for the first time, it's a little bit confusing - you just need to get use of it! The other additional detail about this lipstick is that it has the brand name stamped on it.

This lipstick lasts long on my lips, I always put lip balm on before wearing it, and it doesn't dry my lips at all. What I like the most about its color is that it's more like coral rather than orange (applied on my lips).
I bought it for €6.90 and it contains 3.5 g and it really has a creamy texture, as the product's description says.

This is how it looks on my arm:
Without flash.

With flash.

And this is how it looks on my lips:
Without flash.

With flash.

Yes, I will buy it again and try the other shades. I will recommend it to a friend.


What's your favorite lipstick shade? Have you tried this brand yet?

Disclosure statement.
This product was bought by me. No money was given nor accepted for this review. This review is my personal opinion and experience of the product.

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