Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Hello lovelies~!
I just wanna share you what I bought this past week. I'm sharing you some products from Bottega Verde. You can find here if the brand is available in your country.
Last week I received a voucher from the company because I subscribed to them to get a loyalty card. And I took advantage of it since I needed some products that were on the voucher.

And these are the items that I bought.

What I bought are:
1. Eyelids and eye contour cream - Lifting effect (15 ml) and I paid it for €3.99, it normally costs €22.90. I bought it simply because I have dark circles that can be seen even your far away from me (it seems that I haven't sleep for months).
2. Pure Skin - S.O.S. corrective gel for impurities (15 ml), I bought it for €1.99, it normally costs €17.99.
3. Pearlescent Make-up Base with Peach Nut Oil and Vitamin E (30 ml), I bought it for €1.99 and it normally costs €15.49.
And what i like about Bottega Verde is that every time you go to buy a product of theirs, they always give you some free samples.

These are the free samples that I received.
A taming mask for dry hair that contains Olive oil.

A body milk with Almond oil.

A hand cream with Shea butter.

I'm gonna make a review of these products to share them to you soon.
Thanks for visiting my blog!